Sunday, June 21, 2015

Are You Her Father?

On this Father's Day, for all of the fathers and daughters, I would like to share Veronica's information with you. (This is NOT the same Veronica as in Veronika's Prom). Are you meant to be her father?

About Veronica:
A family would need to have their I600A completed before her birthday, to be able to adopt her. I believe she was put on the list fairly recently, but inquires would need to be made to Reece's Rainbow as to how much time she has left before her birthday.

Isn't she precious? My heart melts for her; as an adopted child from Russia, with mild Cerebral Palsy myself, I know the dire reality that waits for her. Most likely, she will be transferred to an institution, where she will receive very little care.

However, I also know what great things her future holds if she finds her forever family! Doctors said that I would not be able to get around without a wheelchair and I would always need special classes. Now, I can run a mile with my friends and am heading off to Bucknell University after graduating with honors from high school.

I do not take credit for any of these accomplishments; all my abilities are given by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Yet I share this with you, so that you may see a glimpse of the potential that awaits Veronica, if she is only given the chance!

Please keep sweet Veronica in your prayers! Thank you.
Info/Pictures From: Reece's Rainbow at:

Girl, born 2000
Mild Cerebral palsy, can walk very well.

Veronica is a lovely young lady.  She is able to walk, stand on her own.


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