Saturday, August 1, 2015

New Project Update: To Ukraine, With Love

Hello Everyone!
It has been a busy month here, but I am excited to announce our very first project!

This blog is dedicated to spreading the word about the humanitarian crisis that is shaking Eastern Ukraine and raising support for the people that the conflict has affected in the war regions.

Currently, there are soldiers, refugees and others that are left behind in these war regions, with little hope. Now, we have officially started our first project through this blog!

Today, we have been given the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of these people. I am asking everyone here to consider typing a letter to a soldier, wife, or anyone left behind in one of the war regions of Ukraine. These letters will be hand delivered to these people, sharing the message of hope and God's love. There are people in Ukraine, that will translate the letters for us, so we just need to type it in English.

If you would like to write a letter, here are the steps:

1. Type out your could be to a soldier going to fight, or anyone still living in the war region.
2. Email the letter to
3. I will get the letter to where it needs to go.

Thank you so much for joining us in this incredible ministry opportunity. Whether you send one letter or five or ten, you are making an eternal impact for Christ.

If you have any questions, please let us know by commenting or emailing us at Thank you and God Bless.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A Letter from Nadiya

It has been months since we have heard any news about Nadiya Savchenko, the Ukrainian fighter pilot that has been falsely imprisoned in Russia for over a year. At Planting Flowers of Freedom and Peace, we have done several posts on Nadiya, like this one.

Today, I would like to share the first update I have found on Nadiya, from Maidan Translations. It is a letter written by Nadiya and translated.

Nadiya Savchenko: “You will hear from me yet!” #FreeSavchenko


Embedded image permalink

Image from Twitter: ВО Батьківщина

By Nadiya Savchenko, via Vira Savchenko (sister)
Translated by Maria Stanislav and edited by Voices of Ukraine

To the people.
You write to me a lot. I’m sorry I cannot reply to all letters, but I am endlessly thankful to you for them, and for hearing what you think.
You would like to hear more from me, but in Russian prisons, not only are my hands tied, my lifeline is cut off, and also my mouth is taped shut…
I know and understand everything about Ukraine, inside and out, and this all pains me very much!..
But I want to offer you more than just words. I would rather act! In every way I can! And you will hear from me yet!…

Yours, Nadiya

Nadiya Savchenko

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Happily Ever After in the Midst of War

I have a happy post to leave with you tonight.
May these photos show you that even in the midst of tragedy and sorrow, there can be joy.

Courtesy of 1,000,000 People United Around the World in Support of Ukraine's Fight for Freedom(S.V.):

A and S wanted are a young couple that wanted to be married for the past year. However, it has been prevented by the war in Ukraine, as A is a soldier. He has already been in the hospital twice, treated for injuries. So, the couple planned to simply go into a registry office and sign. However, friends and volunteers put together a beautiful wedding for them, on very short notice.

Congratulations A and S! Many blessings to you in this new chapter of your life together.

"But buried deep beneath
All our broken dreams
we have this hope:

Out of these ashes... beauty will rise
and we will dance among the ruins
We will see Him with our own eyes
Out of these ashes... beauty will rise
For we know, joy is coming in the morning...
in the morning, beauty will rise"

Steven Curtis Chapman, "Beauty Will Rise"

Isaiah 61:3

Monday, June 22, 2015

The Million Dollar Smile

Look at this girl's precious smile!

This is Julia. She and Isolde are possibly in the same region.


Julia is thirteen years old, which means she is only three years away from becoming unadoptable. Julia is now the same age Isolde was, when I began advocating for Isolde. Both sweet girls are still available for adoption, waiting for their forever families to welcome them home.

Information/Pictures from Reece's Rainbow:

Girl, born 2002
FAS (fetal alcohol syndrome), probable secondary Cerebral Palsy
Julia has such happy, giant brown eyes and a smile that lights up a room!

From a volunteer who visited with her in July 2014:  “I know Julia as a big Drama Queen. She loves attention and she’ll do anything to draw your attention. But not this year[...]The only thing she’d do was take my hand as I walked by. Normally she’d wheel after me and try to climb on me, but it seemed like there was no strength left. I missed my Julia as I know her, my little monkey. I want her to find back her energy to get out of life what’s in there. She’s an amazing girl and she deserves a loving family. She always has a big smile on her face and she’s really caring. She takes care of dolls as if they are real babies. She feeds them, changes their diapers. She loves to play with my hair and she actually tries to put the band in it. She is amazing! She would be such a good daughter! ”

From a family who met her in December 2013:  “I have to shout for this precious girl for a moment…we are here now and we see her everyday at the orphanage. The pictures don’t do this dear one justice at all; she is gorgeous and so very sweet!!! She can’t walk on her own (she can if she is assisted!) but she is still quick! She comes over to me everyday and wants in my lap, to shake my hand, or give me a hug. She has SO much potential and I can just see the hunger for love and a Mothers touch in her eyes. She has been overlooked long enough!!! She is darling….truly!! ”

From someone who met her:   Julia is a girl that I know as the girl with the big smile.  Somehow she just seems to smile almost always. She’s a little monkey. Whenever somebody enters her group she would crawl up to that person and just start to climb on him/her. She doesn’t even need you to give her a hand, she’ll just climb up without any help and then she hangs on your neck, looking around, proud, as if she wants to say ‘Did you see that? Do you see where I am?’
Her favorite toy is a doll. She plays with it as if it is a baby. Keeping the doll up straight, putting her down carefully. She feeds and clothes the doll. One of the nurses showed her how she should put a cotton diaper on the doll, she totally loved it. She even sings lullabies for the doll and she’ll ask visitors to do the same. She also loves to play with long hair. She really tries to make ponytails or braids.
Julia is able to walk, but her legs are really crooked, and she needs help to keep standing or to walk. 

Julia is described as curious and enthusiastic.

Please, if you feel drawn to Julia and can see her million dollar smile brightening your home, contact Reece's Rainbow right away! Thank you. ~Sasha


What a Delicious Monday!

Get ready for...Kyiv Cake!

Today I have a new recipe to share. I came across this one on Euromaidan Press, and found the recipe at Natasha's Kitchen.

Click here to get the full recipe with step-by-step photos from Natasha. 

About Kyiv Cake, from Euromaidan Press: In 2015, Kyiv Cake will celebrate its 59th anniversary. The factory Roshen remains the leader in producing Kyiv Cake - making around 15 toms of the cake per night!

It is known for its crunchy meringue layer hidden inside and is a classic Ukrainian recipe!

 Courtesy of Euromaidan Press

Courtesy of Natasha's Kitchen

We'd love to hear from you! Drop us a line if you have made this dessert!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Are You Her Father?

On this Father's Day, for all of the fathers and daughters, I would like to share Veronica's information with you. (This is NOT the same Veronica as in Veronika's Prom). Are you meant to be her father?

About Veronica:
A family would need to have their I600A completed before her birthday, to be able to adopt her. I believe she was put on the list fairly recently, but inquires would need to be made to Reece's Rainbow as to how much time she has left before her birthday.

Isn't she precious? My heart melts for her; as an adopted child from Russia, with mild Cerebral Palsy myself, I know the dire reality that waits for her. Most likely, she will be transferred to an institution, where she will receive very little care.

However, I also know what great things her future holds if she finds her forever family! Doctors said that I would not be able to get around without a wheelchair and I would always need special classes. Now, I can run a mile with my friends and am heading off to Bucknell University after graduating with honors from high school.

I do not take credit for any of these accomplishments; all my abilities are given by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Yet I share this with you, so that you may see a glimpse of the potential that awaits Veronica, if she is only given the chance!

Please keep sweet Veronica in your prayers! Thank you.
Info/Pictures From: Reece's Rainbow at:

Girl, born 2000
Mild Cerebral palsy, can walk very well.

Veronica is a lovely young lady.  She is able to walk, stand on her own.


Help Find Hope for Isolde


Hi Everyone. Today, I'd like to introduce you to Isolde.
Photos and Info shared by Reece's Rainbow:

About Isolde:

Girl, born November 1999
Cerebral palsy
Additional information coming soon

#AGINGOUT November 2015

Isolde is described as creative and eager.

From a volunteer who visited with her in July 2014:  “Isolde is really hitting puberty, it’s cute to see how her face starts to change and how tall she has grown this last year. Isolde is becoming a young lady, a wonderful young lady with a very strong but sweet character. Isolde is a good friend as well... She kept holding on to the bars of the playpen to keep herself on her feet. I had to tell her very strongly that she had to sit down and that she had to go back to her own group. She cried a little bit when I had to leave her again. Seeing her cry made me cry. She just wants to be loved and to give love. She has so much love to give. I wish someone would see what an amazing young woman she is. She is verbal, potty trained and very sweet. She is able to walk short paces, but to be honest, they wouldn’t let us this summer, so I hope she can still do it, because nobody has trained with her. They don’t have PT in her facility anymore, which she received a couple years ago. She needs to get PT. I stretched her legs a couple times those days and I could already see improvement in flexibility. It is amazing what a bit of stretching can do for her, imagine what PT can do for her. She can blossom in a family and I don’t have a doubt about the fact that she will be able to walk if she is given the chance.”

From someone who met her:  Isolde is lovely. First I thought she couldn’t speak when I was there in the summer, ’cause it took her about 3 weeks before she would even say ‘thank you.’ But then she started to talk more and more. I started to do walking exercises with her. She could hardly stand on her legs by then. I practiced with her everyday and what I noticed is that she is a fighter. She worked so hard. She worked until she was bathing in sweat and totally tired. She wouldn’t stop before her legs couldn’t hold her anymore. Everyday we could walk further. First just one side of the building and in the end we could easily walk 2 rounds around the building. Though she needs quite some support. After the summer they gave her PT and she was walking way better when I was there in November again. She could walk with one hand then, which was totally impossible for her in the summer. And again she was fighting to learn more, but being inside the building all day would limit her. She is pretty smart too, I played games with her. One of the games was creating a ‘picture’ with little pins, just copying the example. The physical part of the game was the hardest. So we trained to pick up the pins, put them in and get them out. She is so wonderful! She smiles so sweet. She just stole my heart. In the beginning of the summer she had hardly any muscles in her leg and she was extremely skinny, but during the summer she got more muscles from exercising and in November she was doing even better. I’m so proud of this girl. If she will get the chance, she will reach so much, because she will fight for it. She would do so well in a family, because a family can give her the chance that she deserves and I know she will make the most of it.

Isolde Ages Out in November! I first heard about her two years ago and have been advocating for her since. I started a blog in her name (which has now been moved to this address). All a family needs to have done to move forward for her, before her 16th birthday, is their completed I600A. (This is the US government side of things).

If you feel called to Isolde, please contact Reece's Rainbow at the link above, or Ting Ministries at We would love to share our adoption experiences with you and answer any questions.

Thank you!