Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Today I Am Burdened

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Hi everyone, I have an URGENT plea for you...

 Let me tell you about V. Like Veronika, V is a teenage orphan in Ukraine.

Veronika's Prom is dedicated to spreading the word about the aging out orphan crisis in Ukraine and Eastern Europe. We have dedicated ourselves to raising funds for Veronika, that she may be adopted by her forever family.
Yet sadly, as of today, V will never get the chance to find her own adoptive family.
Today, V turned 16. Today, she aged out. She has become unadoptable.

However, V is still available to be hosted this summer! I am making an urgent PLEA to everyone who sees this post.

Will you please pass along this information and consider donating a grant or hosting V? Though she is not adoptable, a family could still show her love and be her mentor over the summer and as she goes to trade school after leaving the orphanage.

In Honor of Veronika, let's find V a family! This post is not just about one child. It is about every child. We have raised support for Veronika, that she would not age out, yet this is exactly what has happened today.

But we can still DO SOMETHING about it. Please, share this, give a grant, or be the ones to say "We will." Let's rally together to see V hosted, in Honor of Veronika. A host family would have to notify Jo Hershon by this Friday, the night of Veronika's Prom!

Go to the Facebook group listed above for more information.

~He Who Saves One Life, Saves the World Entire.

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