Friday, March 27, 2015

#Veronika's Prom

#Veronika's Prom

Make Your Prom Count

Did You Know...

  • Russia and Ukraine do not like each other.

  • In Ukraine and Russia, orphans who turn 16 become unadoptable and age out of the orphanages. Many are forced to live on the streets with no way to survive.
  • 60 percent of girls are lured into prostitution.
  • 10-15 percent of orphans commit suicide before they turn 18.
  • 50 percent of Eastern European orphans don't live to their 20th birthday.

Sasha and Veronika...

My name is Sasha. I was adopted from Russia when I was 17 months old. Now I am a senior at Cedar Crest High School. Since I was adopted, I was rescued from becoming a nameless statistic. Now, I have the chance to experience the love of a family, get an education, and be a normal teenager.

Veronika is a teenage orphan in Ukraine. She is fifteen and if no one adopts her, she will age out and become a statistic. A family has stepped forward to adopt Veronika and show her what it means to have a forever family. Now, she will get to experience things that we take for granted.

#Veronika's Prom

This year, as a senior in high school, I have the opportunity to attend prom. Next year, Veronika will have the chance to attend prom too. However, had a family not chosen to adopt her and welcome her home, she would be one of the statistics I shared above. She would not have a family. She would not be loved. She would not matter to anyone.

In Honor of Veronika, I am choosing to not go to prom. Instead, I am fundraising for her adoption.

The Average Cost of a Ukraine Adoption: $25,000

The Average Cost for 200 students (half my senior class) to attend prom: $55,400

On Cedar Crest Prom Night, Friday, May 1, 2015, there will be party Dedicated to Veronika. This is for anyone, from any school! You can go to BOTH Prom and #Veronika's Prom, for a night of pizza, movies, games and more!

Time: 4:30pm-12 am

Cost: Donation at the Door

RSVP: April 17, 2015

Or Make a Donation at:
JOIN our Facebook Group at #Veronika's Prom!

Please consider the impact that you could help make in a child's life. By donating to #Veronika's Prom, you could help someone know what it means to be loved.

He Who Saves One Life, Saves the World Entire.”

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